Dharma Delta 8 Nano Caramels

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Delta 8 Caramels

Dharma Delta 8 Nano Caramel pieces are a deliciously sweet treat laced with Delta 8 THC which has been nanoed before mixing. The nano Delta 8 THC derived from hemp undergoes a refinement process which essentially makes the Delta 8 THC contents more bioavailable in the body– a more efficient delivery method makes your gooey pieces of Delta 8 THC caramel more effective which is what we all want, right?

Choose from either options. Our D8 THC product options provide you with an abundant amount of cannabinoids with high amounts of Delta 8 THC for both options.

Original Delta 8 Caramels – 20 mg of Delta 8 THC per Serving

The Delta 8 THC content comes from industrial hemp plants grown from USA-based farms. Most of the other hemp derived Delta 8 caramels adult candy we’ve tested from competitors either don’t contain D8 at all or come in way over the federally legal limit of .3%, as provided in the 2018 Farm Bill. In contrast, we’ve taken the necessary steps to provide a highly-effective product, but keep you compliant with federal law and regulations to use and enjoy.

Product Notes

Full Spectrum CBD is used in trace amounts, along with other cannabinoids such as CBG, which enables these caramel chews to supercharge the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS) with useful benefits thanks to the Entourage Effect. CBD+Delta-8 THC caramels help to stabilize the ECS with the multiple cannabinoids in the product, enabling complete rebalancing for the user. As a Delta 8 THC edible, ur original caramels utilize our company’s proprietary nanotechnology in order to improve bioavailability for a quicker onset, and long-lasting psychoactive effects.


Product Options: 5 count and 50 count

Total D8 THC Milligrams:

6 count = 120mg D8 THC per container

50 count = 1000mg D8 THC per container


Lab Analysis

We use 3rd party analysis to ensure reliable lab results. The 20mg Delta 8 (D8) THC Caramel product show the following representation of cannabinoids:

This lab report breaks down the measurement by a unit x Cannabinoid concentration.

CBD is .042%

CBG is .109%

D8-THC comes in at .448% or 4.482 mg/gram

You have to be careful with other products on the market because many of them are still hot with greater than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. We ensure your safety by making sure you won’t have legal troubles– and you get what you’re purchasing.

We use internal lab testing and 3rd party testing to confirm our D8 THC caramels are not hot and safe to use wherever you live or consume your products. To learn more about the legality of Delta 9 THC view our detailed legal page.

THC Content

Delta 8


6, 12

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