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Mellow Fellow Motivation Blend 4ml Live Resin Disposable Vape Tres Leches

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  • 4ml live resin disposable vape

Feeling sluggish? Take a hit from our Motivation blend in the Tres Leches strain. This live resin disposable vape has energetic sweet and creamy flavors with sugary sour citrus notes. Tres Leches matches perfectly with Motivation. With H4CBD and CBG, this is the best HHC vape for anyone seeking invigorating and inspiring effects. Whether you’re looking to tackle a busy day with enthusiasm or simply want to lift your spirits and feel motivated, this live resin vape is the perfect choice. So don’t wait. Order yours today for delivery  or use our store locator to find Tres Leches and more Delta 8 near you.

  • Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids
  • Federally Legal
  • Lab Tested
  • PhD Pharmacist Formulated
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