Urb D10 Caviar Flower

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Let’s be honest the reason that Delta-8 THC and compliant Delta-9 THC are getting so much traction in the space is that it offers a feeling that you miss out when using a CBD product. But maybe you wanted a more euphoric type of feeling rather than a high.

Urb has got the perfect thing for you, their new Delta-10 caviar flower line! Introducing the amazing new Urb Mint Cookies Delta-10 caviar flower! Now Urb of course didn’t wanna just come out with a hemp flower infused with Delta-10 distillate.

That’s not how Urb runs their ship so instead, they created the Delta-10 caviar flower with not only hemp flower and Delta-10 distillate but also hemp kief!  So, each bud of the Urb Mint Cookies Delta-10 caviar flower has hemp flower and hemp kief stuck together in perfect harmony with the minty fresh Mint Cookies Delta-10 distillate!

This strain is leveraged for night time so something to use to help unwind the mind or help you maybe fall asleep when your mind just won’t stop racing. The natural taste of the hemp flower plus the combination of Mint Cookies Delta-10 distillate is gonna give you the feeling of smoking hemp flower on a winter’s day as snowflakes fall from the sky.

The best part is when you buy your Urb Mint Cookies Delta-10 caviar flower it comes with a total of 7 grams of the flower so that means you won’t have to be stingy with yourself or the homies when it comes to smoking this good! Sharing is caring.

But we understand if you don’t want to after you get the first inhale of minty cookies combined with the natural hemp flower taste! Now Urb is a company that all of you should be well aware but if you’re not let us tell you about how they are one of the best companies we have tried and seen on the Delta-8 market!

They destroyed with their cartridges, flower, edibles, and even their new Urb Rocks but they stepped it up by offering their new Delta-10 caviar flower! Of course, you know us here at Wellicy have done our research into Urb to make sure we are offering you a trustworthy and reputable source but we of course found nothing but great things on Urb and their products!

You may be hesitant about the THC used in the Urb Mint Cookies Delta-10 caviar flower but there is no need to stress. The Delta-10 THC used in the Urb Mint Cookies Delta-10 caviar flower is a hemp-derived product, which makes this a 100% legal product under the federal 2018 Farm Bill!

Which legalized all cannabinoids, extracts, derivatives, and isomers such as Delta-10 THC federally legal as long as the final product contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by volume. It’s important for us to mention that Delta-10 THC does provide slight intoxicating effects less than what you feel when using Delta-8 THC.

If you’ve tried CBD, Delta-10 THC provides a completely different experience by inducing a light, yet manageable euphoric feel while delivering you the relief you’re looking for. And because of this, we do not recommend you drive or operate any heavy machinery.

But no matter what, when relaxation is calling always make sure to use your Urb Mint Cookies Delta-10 caviar flower before getting cozy. If you are drug tested, we strongly advise staying away from delta-8, compliant delta-9, and delta-10 products as they can cause you to fail.


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