Urb Delta 10 Caviar Flower Guava Kush

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Maybe you don’t want the experience like Delta-8 THC offers but more of a euphoric state. Plus a product that will give you those euphoric effects while also being able to use it day or night. Well, you’re just in time for us to introduce exactly what you’re looking for, the all-new Urb Guava Kush Delta-10 caviar flower!

Urb wanted to come out with a new product leveraging a newly used cannabinoid that offers a less of a high than Delta-8 but still gives you a euphoric feeling. That “new” cannabinoid is Delta-10 THC! What they did exactly with their caviar flower is take hemp flower and hemp kief then smashed and stuck them together with a Guava Kush Delta-10 distillate!

One of the best things about this flower is that it is a hybrid blend of terpenes, which of course means you can enjoy leveraging it day or night! For the day just take the normal amount of puffs you would do with any sativa flower to feel the effects of being uplifted and energized.

Then when it’s time to unwind and destress just take a few extra puffs than you normally do and feel those relaxation effects slowly flow over you.  It gets better though because every Urb Guava Kush Delta-10 caviar flower comes with an outstanding 7 grams of pure mother earth goodness for you to enjoy with the homies or on your own!

I mean we can’t judge you for hiding this from the homies after you smoke your first bowl/joint with this flower and get a guava flavor with earthy finishes after each puff! Reputability is nothing but our top priority as you know if you have been shopping with us.

Now with a new company, we do hours of research to make sure they’re reputable and reliable for you to consume but we already did that with Urb a long time ago! These guys offer nothing but the highest quality products especially their Delta-8 THC products and you know what we mean if you’ve had any of their stuff but at the end of the day if you can’t trust Urb then you can’t trust anyone else!

You may not be hesitant about Urb but you may be hesitant about THC because it is found in this product as you can tell but you got nothing to worry about! The Delta-10 THC used in the Urb Guava Kush Delta-10 caviar flower is a hemp-derived product, which makes this a 100% legal product under the federal 2018 Farm Bill!

Which legalized all cannabinoids, extracts, derivatives, and isomers such as Delta-10 THC federally legal as long as the final product contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC by volume. It’s important for us to mention that Delta-10 THC does provide slight intoxicating effects, which is less than what you feel when using Delta-8 THC.

If you’ve tried CBD, Delta-10 THC provides a completely different experience by inducing a light, yet manageable euphoric feel while delivering you the relief you’re looking for. And because of this, we do not recommend you drive or operate any heavy machinery.

Day or night your Urb Guava Kush Delta-10 caviar flower is just an arm’s length away to help aid with those problems you are having. If you are drug tested, please avoid using the Urb Guava Kush Delta-10 caviar flower as it can cause you to fail.

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