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Urb Delta 9/HHC Live Resin Gummies

$21.00 or $18.90 / month

Introducing Urb Live Resin D9:HHC Gummies!

What makes these so special/unique is that Urb tested each flavor multiple times until they had the perfect blend and coating. Urb chose flavors that enhance each other, providing a well-rounded gummy.


Available Flavors:

Watermelon Hibiscus: The classic sweet taste of watermelon, paired with floral hibiscus, adds depth to the watermelon flavor.

Lavender Lemonade: Bright and tangy, become balanced with the sweetness of lavender.

Jasmine Coconut: Natural coconut flavor paired with mellow, herbal jasmine.

Chili Mango: coated in sugar, tajin, and citric acid, these gummies are a combination of fruity and spicy.

These gummies are the perfect sour lemonade flavor, coated in sugar and citric acid. Bright and tangy become balanced with the sweetness of lavender.

Strawberry Thyme: A flavor bursting with fresh strawberry that’s delicately sweet. Thyme adds an herbal layer to the strawberry, giving a well-rounded bite of freshness.

Strength: Delta 9 (10mg) HHC (10mg) = 20mg per gummy | Qty: 25 gummies | Total strength: 500mg

THC Content

Delta 9 and HHC


Chilli Mango, Jasmine Coconut, Lavender Lemonade, Watermelon Hibiscus, Strawberry Thyme

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