CBD From Natural Hemp in Royse City, TX

In recent years, Alternative Wellness enthusiasts in Royse City, TX have discovered the unique therapeutic potential of CBD made from Hemp. This cousin of THC presents a great way to enjoy everything the world of Cannabinoids has without the worry of psychoactive effects that other compounds offer.

Where does CBD Come From & What is it?

Cannabidiol, or “CBD” as it’s popularly known, is a naturally occurring Cannabinoid compound produced by plants in the Cannabis family, including Hemp.

What Are Some of Your CBD Options?

Hemp-derived CBD can be used in an incredible range of ways. With everything from Gummies and tasty Edibles to infused Topicals, and even versatile Water Soluble Tinctures, Panther Canna in Royse City has an option to fit with every self-care routine.

Is CBD Legal in Royse City, TX?

Yes! Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, products made from Hemp containing 0.3% or less Delta-9-THC by weight are Legal on the Federal level. Provided the product meets these requirements, adults of appropriate age are free to enjoy their unique benefits. Other states and localities may have different regulations regarding Hemp products, so always research your local laws before purchasing or traveling with Hemp-derived Wellness Alternatives.

Panther Canna: Your Trusted Source for Hemp Products & Information

Aside from offering the highest quality Hemp products on the market, Panther Canna in Royse City, TX is dedicated not only to customer service, but also education around all things Hemp. If you’re new to the world of Hemp, Panther Canna – offering accurate information you can trust – is the best place to start your journey toward Holistic Wellness.

Driving the hemp movement in Royse City

As more and more consumers are introduced to the unique benefits Hemp has to offer, Panther Canna in Royse City, TX is here to meet the rising demand for high quality products they can trust. Visit us in-store today to learn more and browse our collection, or visit our online shop to find your new favorite Wellness Alternative!

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