Rescue Detox Instant Cleansing Energy Drinks

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We understand the importance of cleansing your body of unwanted toxins and free radicals, that’s why we take great satisfaction in providing you with healthy and effective cleansing products. You won’t find any artificial flavors, synthetic dyes, or artificial sweeteners inside this bottle because we don’t use any.

What you will find are pure extracts of wholesome ingredients like Cranberry and Pomegranate. We even use flower and vegetable extracts to color our products and Stevia Leaf extract to naturally sweeten them. But more importantly, we use the power of Science to unlock and discover the full potential of some of Mother Nature’s strongest detoxifiers in order to help you on your journey towards total body purity.


  • Works in 90 minutes
  • Cleanses for 5 hours
  • 17oz suggested for people under 200lbs or medium to low toxin levels
  • 32oz suggested for people over 200lbs or high to extreme toxin level

How to Use

Following these simple rules will substantially increase your odds of being ready for your cleansing event.


17oz: Intended for those that weigh less than 200lbs or have high toxin levels. Shake well and drink entire contents. Refill bottle 2 more times with water and drink within 30 minutes.


32oz: Intended for those that weigh more than 200lbs or have extreme toxin levels. Shake well and drink entire contents. Refill bottle halfway with water and drink within 30 minutes.


1. It is imperative that you are toxin free for as long as possible before your cleansing deadline. 48 hours of toxin free time before a cleansing deadline is recommended but not totally necessary.


2. Water is a catalyst in the body for purification. Increasing your water consumption in the days before your cleansing deadline is very helpful in the cleansing process. HOWEVER, the day of your cleansing deadline is different as you will need to be careful to not drink too much water. Follow specific instructions on the detox packaging for the appropriate amount of water to consume on the day of your cleansing deadline.


3. You should not eat any food before and after taking a detox product. Food will absorb the detox and weaken it’s powers. It is recommended that you not eat for 3 hours before and after taking detox. If you must eat, avoid foods that are fatty, greasy, or filling.


4. Once you take Detox it is important to urinate. Your body has toxins in it and after taking the detox your body will need to expel these toxins via urination. It takes most people 3 urinations after taking a detox product to remove the unwanted toxins from their body in order to be cleansed. And it takes most people about 60 to 90 minutes before they can urinate 3 times. Once you have urinated 3 times your body will be cleansed and this cleansing effect will last for about 5 hours.


17 Fl Oz, 32 Fl Oz


Blueberry, Cranberry, Green Tea

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