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Looking for a high quality hemp-derived pet product that won’t break the bank? Panther Canna is proud to carry some of the best products available on the market! 

Whether your furry friend is big or small, we have something to fit their needs. Ready to find out more? Let’s take a look at some of our most popular pet-friendly products:

Panther Canna Pet CBD Tinctures
CBDMD Pet CBD Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs

CBDMD Pet CBD Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs

We all want to make sure our senior furry friends have the best quality of life possible. That is why Panther Canna carries CBDMD Pet CBD Hip & Joint Chews for Dogs. Each container contains 30 chews made from hemp-derived CBD. With 20mg of CBD per chew and bacon flavored, this is sure to be your dog’s favorite t-r-e-a-t (we all know what happens when we say the word).

These chews harness the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD to help keep your dog feeling their best. According to a 2021 study shared by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “results demonstrate that CBD was able to reduce the inflammatory response induced by LPS. In particular, we found that CBD was able to modulate the cytokine production stimulated by LPS and thus reduced the inflammatory response.”

CBDMD Pet CBD Cat Calming Tincture

CBDMD Pet CBD Cat Calming Tincture

Looking for something that can help keep your cat from suffering anxiety? Panther Canna carries CBDMD Pet CBD Cat Calming Tincture for this exact purpose. There are many reasons why your cat may benefit from using a pet-specific CBD tincture; a new group of people coming to visit, traveling, introducing a new furry friend to the family…the list goes on and on.

This tincture is designed to help our furry friends tackle the more scary parts of life. Simply add the tincture to your kitty’s favorite food or treat for easy consumption. Then wait for the CBD to take effect, usually 10-30 minutes depending on your pet and the consumed serving size. It is important to remember to start with a smaller serving size and adjust as needed.

CBDMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

CBDMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs

Does your dog prefer tinctures? Panther Canna carries the CBDMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs just for that reason. This tincture is easy to apply to their favorite food or drink, making this especially great for pups that are a bit more picky than others.

Each bottle contains 250mg of CBD extracted from hemp, as well as melatonin and other calming ingredients. Every batch is third-party tested by ISO-certified labs to ensure they adhere to all quality standards. To make a good product even better, this tincture also contains a delicious blueberry flavor, this CBMD Pet CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs is sure to make your furry friend wag his or her tail!

Where to Buy

Ready to treat your pet to a hemp-derived product from Panther Canna? Shopping has never been easier! Shop from the comfort of your own home using our online store with your furry friend. What could be better?

Find a product that your pet loves? Set up a subscription for both your and your pet’s favorite products and save 10%. Rest easy knowing that the products you and your furry friend enjoy will be delivered each month with no hassle.

Shopping for pet-friendly hemp products does not have to feel like going to the vet. With Panther Canna, shopping is easy, no rolling over or fetch required! Have questions about any of our products? Simply reach out using our contact page or by giving us a call at (682) 200-9985. We cannot wait to help you find the hemp products that fit your lifestyle.

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