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Mellow Fellow Charged Blend Cartridge – Wedding Crasher

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Dive into an electrifying vaping experience with the Mellow Fellow Charged Blend Cartridge – Wedding Crasher. This 2ml live resin vape cartridge is packed with a unique blend of cannabinoids including THCv, HHC, H4CBD, and CBG, designed to invigorate your senses and keep you charged throughout the day. The Wedding Crasher strain, a sativa-dominant hybrid of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake, offers a flavorful profile of grape and berry with a sweet vanilla exhale, leaving you energized, focused, and relaxed​​​​​​.

FAQs About Our Charged Blend Cartridge:

What makes the Charged Wedding Crasher Cartridge unique? The cartridge combines THCv, HHC, H4CBD, and CBG to create an uplifting entourage effect, perfect for energizing and motivating you, no matter the occasion​​​​.

What are the effects of the Wedding Crasher strain? Wedding Crasher is known for making users feel focused, uplifted, and happy, thanks to its sweet flavor profile and the potent blend of cannabinoids​​​​.

Is the cartridge easy to use? Yes, the cartridge is designed for convenience, featuring adjustable airflow control and a pre-heating button to ensure smooth hits every time, without clogging. It’s breath-activated and rechargeable, eliminating the need for a separate battery​​​​.

What are the benefits of the cannabinoids used? THCV is known as an appetite suppressant, HHC provides a mild psychoactive effect, H4CBD is noted for its stronger psychoactive effect compared to CBD and supports pain relief and deep sleep, while CBG helps regulate the immune system and relieves pain and inflammation​​.

Is this product legal and safe? Mellow Fellow products comply with legal standards, but it’s important to check local regulations regarding HHC and other cannabinoids. The products are designed for adults over the age of 21 and are not recommended for those under the legal age​​.

Embark on a journey of creativity and energy with the Mellow Fellow Charged Wedding Crasher Cartridge, a premium vaping experience that combines taste, potency, and convenience for a truly unforgettable session.

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