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TRE House D10/HHC/D9 Gummies

$34.99 or $31.49 / month

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We offer the finest Delta-10 products on the market, and these gummies are definitely one of the best! TRĒ House took their time and crafted these gummies with a unique combination of cannabinoids that provides the perfect high. If you’re looking to get lifted, these are an excellent choice.

The TRĒ House D10 gummies packed with 5mg of HHC, 5mg of Delta-9, and a whopping 10mg of Delta-10. Not only are these babies potent, but they’re insanely delicious. Blue raspberry is a hugely popular flavor, and TRĒ House does it right by using real fruit flavor. If you’re on the hunt for D10 gummies that are made with fantastic ingredients and a plethora of powerful cannabinoids, these are the gummies for you!

  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • USA Grown Hemp
  • 10mg of D10
  • 5mg of D9
  • 5mg of HHC


Gummies are super easy to use. All you need to do is decide on serving size, take your gummy out of the package, and eat it. TRĒ House gummies are powerful, so we recommend starting with just a half of a gummy and working your way up if necessary. These gummies can get you really high. Don’t drive or operate any heavy machinery when consuming cannabis products.

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