KindPen Slim Portable Vape Pen

$19.99 or $17.99 / month

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A slim, draw-activated dual-use pen that doesn’t cost a fortune and packs a punch? That’s right — you’ll find it right here. Perfect for thinner oils and juices (and works with prefilled cartridges).

Why choose Slim Oil?

  • Easy-to-use oil/vape juice pen that is draw activated (so no more fumbling with buttons when your insomnia wakes you up)
  • Perfect for thinner vape juices and oil (hits smoothly and every single time)
  • Compatible with most 510-thread tanks and cartridges — even prefilled cartridges
  • LED indicators for tank incompatibility, battery status, and wrong usage
  • Perfect, deep flavors thanks to a wicked atomizer (no flooding, sputtering, or dry hits)
  • Long battery life with regular use — easy and fast to charge (2 hours for a full charge)

Need a quality oil vape pen sans all the clickety-clack buttons and fancy electronics? Well, the Slim Oil pen is just what the doctor’s ordered, then!

This baby is auto-draw, meaning that you just need to inhale on the mouthpiece and it immediately activates. It works wonders with both e-juices and thin oils, so it’s double the value for your investment. Also, it’s available in different colors AND works with most prefilled 510-thread cartridges. Nuff said. ???


  • Auto-draw activated (no buttons to click in the middle of the night when your insomnia wakes you)
  • Works with both thin oils and vape juice
  • Easy to use (meant for complete beginners who appreciate power & simplicity)
  • Compatible with most 510 cartridges (and prefilled cartridges)
  • Lifetime Warranty

Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White

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