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Our products are made from the Purest Hemp available. Made with all natural, plant-based ingredients that help you achieve better health.

All of our products undergo third-party testing to ensure that we are providing only the best possible products for our customers.

All of our CBD is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill (meaning they're derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC)


Marco Obregon
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Friendly and attentive staff! They offer great recommendations and are very informed on their products!
Nimo James
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They have a good stock of delta-8 products to choose from. I strongly recommend checking them out
Brandon Edwards
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Love this place! If you’re in Lewi you gotta check it out, great atmosphere and service. Very knowledgeable staff and great products!
Irene George
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Quality products and amazing staff! Stopped by this dispensary today and Kyra was amazing! Panther Canna is great you have to try!
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Cody is the best, great store and great products 👍 I won't go anywhere else now!

Hemp-derived delta 9 thc: Naturally Elevating


What is Delta 9 THC, & where does it come from?

Widely known as the most prevalent and popular form of THC, “Delta 9” is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in Hemp and various plants within the Cannabis family. Due to its structural resemblance to our internally-produced endocannabinoids, Delta 9 THC can interact with the body in diverse ways, making it a potent ally in the pursuit of Holistic Wellness. Satisfied customers often report effects such as Euphoria and Mood Elevation, as well as reductions in Pain and Anxiety, along with an increased appetite.

Gummies, Tinctures & Beyond: Diverse Delta 9 Alternatives for Every Palate

Within the ever-changing realm of hemp-derived products, Delta 9 THC has become a favored option for enthusiasts in search of a nuanced cannabinoid experience. Whether indulging in delectable edibles such as taffy and gummies or opting for convenient water-soluble tinctures, the array of Delta 9 products provides a diverse range of consumption options.

Delta 9 Edibles: Grab Some Munchies!

Delta 9 THC-infused edibles have captured the market’s attention, providing a delightful method to incorporate this cannabinoid into your daily routine. Enjoyable treats like Gummies, with their chewy and sweet profile, are particularly favored among those with a sweet tooth. The gradual onset of effects with edibles allows for a controlled and extended experience, making them an attractive choice for those seeking sustained relaxation. At Panther Canna, a variety of Hemp-derived Delta 9 Edibles awaits, including Gummies and other delectable Treats, presented in a range of flavors and strengths.


Water Soluble Tinctures Streamline Your Self-Care Routine

The landscape of Delta 9 integration into daily wellness rituals has been transformed by water-soluble tinctures. Unlike conventional oil-based counterparts, these water-soluble alternatives seamlessly mix into beverages and recipes. This groundbreaking innovation enables personalized and efficient consumption while preserving the authentic taste and texture of your preferred drinks. Whether incorporated into your morning coffee or evening tea, water-soluble tinctures offer a versatile choice for individuals seeking a sophisticated and regulated Delta 9 experience.


Uplifting Refreshment: Delta 9 THC Beverages

Elevate your beverage experience with Delta 9 THC-infused drinks, a refreshing and innovative way to enjoy the benefits of this popular Hemp-derived Cannabinoid. From flavorful seltzers to calming waters, Delta 9 drinks offer a delicious and convenient option for enthusiasts seeking a nuanced and uplifting experience. Crafted for both taste and relaxation, these beverages provide a refreshing twist on traditional consumption methods, making Delta 9 THC a delightful addition to your sipping routine. Indulge in the perfect blend of flavor and relaxation with our range of Delta 9 THC-infused drinks.


Your Trusted Destination for Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC

When you opt for Panther Canna, you’re choosing a commitment to quality and value you can rely on. Our dedication to excellence shines through in the careful curation of premium Delta 9 THC products, ensuring each selection meets the highest standards. Your well-being is our top priority, and our extensive product range, featuring delightful edibles, drinks, and convenient water-soluble tinctures, mirrors our commitment to providing a diverse and enjoyable Delta 9 experience.

What distinguishes us isn’t just the quality of our products but also the personalized journey we offer our customers. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to assist you, whether you’re a seasoned Delta 9 enthusiast or a newcomer venturing into the world of cannabinoids. Choosing us means selecting more than just a store; it’s opting for a trusted partner deeply invested in your wellness journey. We seamlessly blend superior product choice with a welcoming environment to ensure you discover the perfect Delta 9 THC products tailored to your preferences and needs. Your satisfaction and well-being are at the heart of our mission, making us the ideal destination for all your Delta 9 needs.

How Does Delta 9 Compare to Other Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids?

If you’ve experienced Delta 8 and desire a more robust option, Delta 9 might be the perfect fit! On the flip side, if Delta 9 feels too potent for your liking, exploring other, less intense cannabinoids could be more suitable.

Due to its higher binding affinity with the body’s extensive network of endocannabinoid receptors, Delta 9 THC is generally recognized as the most potent among the commonly available cannabinoid choices. Think of Delta 9 THC as approximately twice the strength of Delta 8 or 10, with HHC falling somewhere in between. Many producers blend these cannabinoids in varying ratios, so it’s essential to check product information when selecting a new hemp alternative to avoid unintentionally choosing a product that’s more potent than intended.

If you’ve had previous experiences with Delta 8 or Delta 10, Delta 9 should evoke a sense of familiarity. While reactions to hemp-derived products, including Delta 9 THC, can vary, many individuals commonly report uplifting sensations of overall well-being.

It’s crucial to recognize that responses to hemp-derived cannabinoids differ among individuals, so it’s advisable to begin with a small amount of your chosen product until you understand your individual reaction. If you encounter any undesirable side effects, cease using Delta-9. Although uncommon, cannabinoids may interact with certain medications, so consult with your doctor or pharmacist if you are on prescription medication. In the case of a severe reaction, seek immediate medical attention.


Delta 9 thc frequently asked questions

Delta 9 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found in plants from the cannabis family. It exhibits more robust effects compared to other hemp-derived alternatives like HHC, Delta 8, and 10 THC. For enthusiasts of hemp products seeking a next-level experience, Delta 9 proves to be an exceptional choice!

Commonly reported feelings of Delta 9 consumers include Euphoria, increased Creativity and Sociability, as well as an increase in appetite. Everyone reacts differently to Delta 9 THC, so start with a small amount until you know how you react individually.

Though uncommon, side effects that a minority of consumers experience are typically mild, including dry mouth, drowsiness, and dry, red eyes.

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Hemp-derived Delta 9 THC can be enjoyed in a surprising number of ways, from Gummies and Chocolates, to Drinks, to Water-Soluble Tinctures and much more.

As Hemp-derived Cannabinoids are broken down by the body, including Delta 9 THC, they produce the same metabolites tested for in standard drug tests. In short, this means that most tests are unable to differentiate between Federally Legal THC products and prohibited items.

While extremely rare, there are some instances where Cannabinoids like Delta 9 THC may interact with certain conditions and medications. If you are currently taking prescribed medication, check with a healthcare professional before incorporating Hemp products into your self-care routine.

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