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Our products are made from the Purest Hemp available. Made with all natural, plant-based ingredients that help you achieve better health.

All of our products undergo third-party testing to ensure that we are providing only the best possible products for our customers.

All of our CBD is compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill (meaning they're derived from hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC)


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Friendly and attentive staff! They offer great recommendations and are very informed on their HHC products!
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Great store! So helpful and cool HHC products
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HHC: An uplifting Hemp-derived Cannabinoid

Hexahydrocannabinol, commonly known as “HHC,” is among the minor cannabinoids naturally occurring in the hemp plant, akin to CBD and Delta 8 THC. Possessing a more robust binding affinity for endocannabinoid receptors than Delta 8, HHC products, including edibles, flower, and vapor options, provide an elevated experience in mood enhancement and relaxation.


The Creation of Your Preferred HHC Products

Similar to other hemp-derived cannabinoids like Delta 8, 9, and 10 THC, HHC occurs naturally in hemp, albeit in limited amounts. The solution to the scarcity of HHC lies in another well-known cannabinoid: CBD.

Via a meticulously managed conversion process, CBD can be industrially transformed into various natural cannabinoids, including HHC. This establishes a dependable and cost-effective pathway for federally legal hemp alternatives.

A Variety of HHC Options to Suit Every Palate

We take pride in presenting a varied assortment of products where HHC is the primary component. This collection includes delectable edibles like gummies, as well as flower and vapor options. Below are just a few examples of our most sought-after HHC alternatives:

HHC-Enhanced Hemp Flower

For a more traditional experience, opt for smokable hemp flower enhanced with HHC, a popular choice that promises to elevate your relaxation experience. Select from a variety of aromatic strains, such as Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Strawberry Cough, and more, to personalize your session.


Exceptional Flavor with HHC Vapor

Providing exceptional taste and unparalleled enjoyment, our HHC Vapor Products bring forth the distinctive advantages of HHC in a user-friendly cartridge or disposable form. With strain choices ranging from more floral and fruity Grape Ape to skunky Sour Diesel and much more, there’s a delight for every palate.


HHC Edibles – Gummies & Beyond

For a discreet and enjoyable experience with Hemp-derived HHC, our Edibles are the perfect choice. Edibles provide precise dosing with a gradual onset compared to flower or vapor, ensuring longer-lasting effects. With amazing flavor options, you’re guaranteed to be the star of the party when you break out the HHC Edibles!


Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids: A Brief Overview

When assessing the potency of hemp-derived cannabinoids, HHC occupies a middle ground between the gentle Delta 8 and the more robust Delta 9, facilitating an easier discovery of your ideal dosage.

Frequent users of HHC often note its distinctively “clear-headed” experience compared to other hemp-derived THC variants. Nevertheless, it’s essential to acknowledge that individual reactions to cannabinoids vary. Therefore, it’s advisable to commence with a low dose until you gauge your response to HHC.

Your Reliable Source for Hemp-Derived HHC

When you opt for Panther Canna, you’re embracing a commitment to trusted quality in HHC products. Our dedication to excellence is evident in the careful selection of premium HHC offerings, ensuring each product meets the highest standards. Your well-being remains our paramount concern, reflected in our diverse product range, ranging from tempting edibles like taffy and gummies to convenient water-soluble tinctures. This showcases our commitment to providing a diverse and enjoyable HHC experience.


What distinguishes us is not only the superior quality of our products but also the personalized journey we offer each customer. Whether you’re an experienced HHC enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of cannabinoids, our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to assist you. Choosing us goes beyond selecting a store; it means opting for a trusted partner devoted to your wellness journey. We seamlessly blend top-tier product quality with a welcoming atmosphere, ensuring you discover the perfect HHC products tailored to your preferences and needs. Your satisfaction and well-being remain at the core of our mission, making us the preferred destination for all your HHC needs.

HHC Frequently asked questions

Hexahydrocannabinol, known simply as “HHC,” is one of over 100 naturally occurring Cannabinoid compounds found in Hemp; however, HHC itself is somewhat rare in nature. So, in order to get around this problem, HHC for consumers is made by processing readily-available Hemp-derived CBD industrially.

While offering similar effects as Hemp-derived THCs, such as Delta 8, HHC is unique among Cannabinoids largely due to its hydrogenated structure, which also lends it a unique headspace compared to other Cannabinoids. Better yet, HHC boasts a longer shelf-life than non-hydrogenated compounds like Delta 9 THC, making it a great choice to ease the worry for those who only use small amounts at a time, giving you more time to enjoy your chosen HHC product with.

Yes! Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, HHC became a Federally Legal option for adults of age across the USA. However, specific states and localities may have additional restrictions on Hemp-derived products, so always check your local regulations before purchasing.

If you’ve tried other Hemp-derived Cannabinoids, such as Delta 8 THC, HHC should feel very familiar, yet distinct in its own right. Many who enjoy HHC report euphoria, mood elevation, increased creativity and sociability. Effects may vary from one person to the next, so always start with a small amount to see how you react to HHC, then slowly increase the dose until you find your sweet spot.

HHC can be found in an astounding range of products, from Drinks and Gummies to other tasty Edibles, flavorful Vapor and Flower, and even easy to use Water-Soluble Tinctures.

Unfortunately, most standard drug tests are unable to differentiate between Hemp-derived Cannabinoids and other prohibited sources. If you may need to take a drug test in the near future, consider taking a break from Hemp products.

Similarly to several other Hemp-derived Cannabinoids, like Delta 8 and 9 THCs, HHC may infrequently produce some mild side effects for some consumers, including dry mouth, drowsiness, increased appetite (may be a benefit for some), and dry, red eyes.

Generally, Hemp products, including those with HHC, are very unlikely to interact negatively with medications. However, there are rare cases where Cannabinoids may interact with prescription medication. Speak with your healthcare provider to decide if Hemp-derived Alternatives are a good fit for your self-care regimen.

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